Pegasus Club

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                                                                               Pegasus Club


                                Pegasus Club                                                                           Chris Coles

                                Copyright 2005 Chris Coles

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At Pegasus Club the girls are a confident bunch, secure in their place at the hi-end apex of the Bangkok Night.  The guys are dollar millionaires and above, from all over the world, Asia and the West as well as the Middle-East, Russia and Thailand itself.  Brand names, celebrities, movie stars and tycoons.  They fly into Bangkok first class or in their private jets, stay at the top hotels and meet their pals at Pegasus, for drinks, dinner, music and the two hundred constantly changing girls, every one beautifully dressed, perfect skin, a face that could be on the cover of a New York or Paris fashion magazine.  Stylish, smiling and clever enough to know what to do and how to be, to end up with a condo, a beach house in Phuket, a bank account in Singapore, a lifetime of income to raise their kids and put them through school, even send them to university in Australia or the U.S.