Bangkok Nightlife Paintings

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The BANGKOK NIGHT series of Bangkok Noir paintings by Chris Coles use as their  setting the lurid, colorful and lively nightlife that sprawls across the Asian nexus called Bangkok, the infamous bar districts Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy as well as the trendy, upscale bars and nightclubs scattered around Sukhumvit, Ratchada and RCA.

The air is hot, the music loud, the Bangkok night intense.  The men and women from not only Thailand and Asia but all over the world, all walks and levels of life, of every physical description from stylish, slim and refined to disgusting, nasty and crude, ranging from worldly to naive, wise to stupid, civilized to barbaric, kind to cruel.  And everything in between.

Vibrant colors and dark jagged lines portray a chaotic, edgy night world of colliding intention and misplaced desire, lives out of balance, male-female compulsion, alienation and disassociation, a world containing  both ecstasy and doom.  The paintings echo early 1900's Berlin as portrayed by the German Expressionists. 

There are approximately three hundred paintings in the BANGKOK NIGHT series.

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