Bangkok Boys Town

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                                                     Boys Town Bangkok                                  Chris Coles

               BANGKOK BOYS TOWN

Clustered around the Silom/Surawong Area, Bangkok Boys Town employs almost no boys, instead young Thai men, both gay and those pretending to be gay.  Gogo bars with handsome, muscular Thai guys dancing, doing chin-ups and push-ups in BVD's, scattered beer bars full of conversation and verbal seduction, sauna/massage places with jacuzzis and VIP rooms, stylish music clubs playing slow-beat trance.  There is even a swimming pool bar with a big thick window for those who enjoy watching good-looking Thai men swim underwater in micro speedos.

The clients are from Thailand, Asia, Europe, North and South America as well as the Islamic Middle-East, with all the usual variations of normal, abnormal and downright weird.  Except for ladyboys who do not regard themselves as gay and generally speaking have their own separate scenes.  

Mixed in and scattered around the fringes are places for lesbian women, Thai and foreign, bisexual and pretend.  The lesbian scene in Bangkok is widespread and diverse, Thai "Tom Boys" cruising around to consume something petite and feminine, highly educated career women fed up with the pretense of relating to the modern male animal.  Women from Europe, the U.S., Australia and Japan, happily feeding on the cute dark-skinned and smiling Isan girls.

More or less tolerated, the gay and lesbian scenes are an integral part of Bangkok's gigantic Night business, merrily rolling along, providing money and pleasure to those who are in desperate need of both.

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